Tomatoes are one of the most prized crops we grow. We grow both cherry tomatoes and larger slicing tomatoes. The bulk of our cherry production, and nearly all of our indoor growing space, is dedicated to the Sungold cherry, a hybrid from Japan that produces gorgeous deep orange fruits with an intensely sweet flavor. We also grow some regular red cherries, but we consider the Sungold so superlative we have largely abandoned all others.

The rest of our production is almost entirely heirloom tomatoes. These older varieties, prized for their taste and texture, come from a time before the uniform round red tomato became the supermarket standard. We grow a number of different cultivars, and are constantly trying out new ones, but we focus on many of the most beloved classics: Cherokee purple, Brandywine, Striped German, Cosmonaut Volkovs. Heirlooms often have a gnarled, almost deformed appearance, and occasional imperfections. Don’t be put off — these are fruits selected for their flavor above all, not their appearance (though truth be told, we think the gnarled look is pretty awesome.)

We always pick our heirlooms at the first sign of ripeness and let the full flavor develop off the vine. Letting the tomatoes sit will often make them juicier and sweeter.

Storage: Uncut tomatoes should never be stored in the refrigerator. The cold will turn them mealy. Leave them on a counter until you’re ready to enjoy.