Kale is a leafy green member of the Brassica family and, pound for pound, probably the most nutrient-dense vegetable we grow. Fortunately, it’s also an amazingly versatile green that can be prepared almost any way you can think. It also grows exceptionally well and is available all season long, though the sweetest kale comes after a frost. We continue to experiment with varieties, but our mainstays are Red Russian, Lacinato (Dino), and Winterbor.

Storage: Kale is best stored in plastic in the fridge. Kale can also be frozen — just blanch it in boiling water, cut up and store in plastic in the freezer.

Preparation: Wash kale thoroughly in cold water and discard the stem. Kale is extremely versatile in the kitchen and can be stewed, sauteed, steamed, raw, roasted for chips, tossed in soups. Check out our basic leafy green recipe or one of these ideas below.