Celeriac (or celery root) is one of our favorite crops. A variety of celery grown for its knobby and fragrant roots, celeriac may not be the prettiest vegetable we grow, but it packs a flavor punch and is easy to use. It’s also a vegetable that chef’s adore for its ability to add an earthy undertone to a variety of dishes.

Storage: Celeriac can be stored for several months if you have a proper root cellar. For most of us, a plastic bag in the fridge should keep it for several weeks, and probably longer. For maximum storage life, remove the tops and don’t wash until ready to use.

Preparation: Remove the tops and stringy roots from the bottom, wash vigorously and pare off the outer layer with a sharp knife. It’s a good idea to rinse again after peeling. The tops aren’t great for eating, but are wonderful for stock-making. Celeriac can be cubed and added to soups and stews. It can also be grated fresh into salads, boiled and mashed with potatoes, or roasted on its own. Celeriac puree with fresh herbs also makes a great topping for grilled or roasted fish and meat.